Printing Homework

Need to print a page?

On this page you will find the steps you need to print. Note: the printer only prints in black and white.

Here are the steps to printing from your Chromebook (You will need to do this just once, from any PCs or Chromebook. We are still experimenting on how it works from iPads.):

    1. Click the link below to add the printer in Room 29 (Ms. Ross' room) as a Google Cloud Printer. (Use the pop-out feature of Schoology. Ask a buddy if you do not know what that means.)

    2. Select the printer's named SM-P-CNCCG2OFL from Google Cloud Print options in printing menu.

You may use this printer any time you are at school according to the following guidelines:

    • Check with your teacher before your print

    • Edit your documents so images do not print black

    • Each Student has a 5 page a day limit

    • Be sure your teacher has signed your agenda book before picking up your printed material

Add Printer

A big thanks to Mrs. Ross for making this possible!