Parent & Student Information

Agenda Books

Each student will receive an Agenda Book at the beginning of the school year. Students are taught to write down their assignments for each class in the Agenda Book. Agenda Books are required in every class, failure to have agenda books result in lunch detention.

Physical Ed.

Students have PE every other day. Students are not required to take a shower but all are encouraged to have deodorant and any other necessary toiletries (comb, brush, etc.) for use before going to their next class.


Lockers are assigned at the beginning of the year. Students are expected to stay in the locker they were assigned for the year and are required to provide their own lock. A standard combination lock works best. Please NO key locks.

Progress Reports

You can access your student's grade information on Schoology. See the link below for instructions for setting up your parent account in Schoology. You will need a parent access code which you can get by contacting your child's school. Once you have an account and are logged in, you can see your child's summary grades, grades on individual assignments, and assignment calendar.